War. War never changes.

Since the Age of stone, tools of war have marked the rise and fall of nations. The earliest human corpses bear signs of violent conflict. Mesopotamian savages bore clubs, knives, and arrows. The ancient Indians and Greeks wore swords of bronze and copper; the Hittites and Romans conquered empires with the strength of iron and mighty siege engines. The British brought the thunder of guns, and The Americans gave us atomic silence.

But war never changes.

The great war of two thousand and seventy-seven was Olympian in its horror. Fire rained down across the globe bringing with it Conflict, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. Less than one quarter survived. Less than one eighth could still be called human. The lucky few found shelter in Vaults, stone repositories of mankind’s history, science, and genetic information; the rest were left to scrape out a meager existence from the blackened soil. To those without the good sense to forget, the nations of the past have become nothing more than an uncomfortable memory.

But some memories have a life of their own.

The year is 2275. What was once the breadbasket of America is now the Midwestern Wastelands. What remains of Chicago does not stand but kneels to whatever power will claim it. Caesar’s Legions are massing their forces at Alba Longa. Super mutants from the East and West have formed an uneasy truce. The ghouls of Pluton man their bulwark against invasion. The Brotherhood of Steel sends daily encroachments from the South. Raiding parties from Ronto stir the region, and agents of the Enclave are everywhere. All the while rumors hint at darker powers across the region.

And everywhere, the drumbeats of war can be felt in the bones.

You are a wanderer in the wastes, and Chicago is calling your name. It is early fall, and the city is ripe with opportunity. The harvests bring traders, the traders bring caravans, and the caravans bring bandits and thieves. While the powers outside Chicago rage and seethe for control, smaller groups battle within. Big Boss Capo has put out a call for agents of fortune to help him secure his empire. Will you help him? Will you hinder him? Or will you pursue your own goals?

Whatever you choose, life in the Wastes is about to change…

GURPS Fallout: And All That Jazz