GURPS Fallout: And All That Jazz

Carnage, mayhem, and changes (9-5-2275)
The best laid plans of mutants and men...

was permitted within the school compound, identified as belonging to Duke Iron Rod and his band of raiders. After a tour around the compound, which included

The Journey Begins (9-5-2275)
Half the fun is getting there

The party proceeded out from Abbott Field, en route to secure the water supply for Big Boss Capo. Not an hour out, they heard a crash and a rending of steel; the windmill at the school had fallen apart. The [[:Vault Boy]] decided to head back so he could heal the wounded and repair the damage. Jack Hammer and the Content Not Found: Savant learned a little bit about clothing. On the way the party had an encounter with radroaches, and managed to kill a radscorpion that had been stalking the roaches. Jack got a suit of radscorpion armor made for him, affording him additional protection as well as a trophy of his kill. The Savant scrounged up some of the materials she needed to make an antidote for radscorpion venom; she also learned that she had the knowledge necessary to make an antivenom. Content Not Found: Napolean, [[:John Adams]], and [[:Abe Smith]] learned more about each others’ capabilities; Abe found himself good with a shotgun, Napolean demonstrated that in addition to his prowess with a gun he was also an effective leader, and John Adams demonstrated his amazing facility with a gun. The party picked up their shells and headed out. The radio picked up an Enclave broadcast, which created some drama, and then the party discovered a Brotherhood of Steel scouting party. They were clearly looking for someone. The party, on advice of John and the others, chose to hide; the two parties passed each other without incident. There was some difficulty with finding a scouting point to discover the location of their destination; Jack and Napolean decided on a broken power transmission tower, and then decided on a location. When they got there, they discovered the school surrounded by a metal wall and guarded by a sniper and a lookout. After a display of sniping prowess (John Adams shot off the lookout’s hat), the party was permitted to send Abe as an emissary. The school swallowed him up, and that ended the session.

The Vault Opens (9-5-2275)
Out of chaos, more chaos

Our adventure began with all of the characters meeting up at Abbott Field. First to show up was [[:Abe Smith]], an old ghoul crooner with a heart of gold and a voice of gravel. He began to bargain with Big Boss Capo, throwing in a free autograph of one of his old records as a bit of a bargaining chip, until he found out about Jack Hammer, the feral man the Boss was looking to train as an attack dog. He arranged to purchase Jack, until an earsplitting scream filled the building. In the rush to investigate, the Boss, Jack, and Abe ran into Content Not Found: Napolean, who had come seeking work and assistance with a complicated dispute with his ex-wife. The small party rounded a corner and found the Content Not Found: Savant, trying desperately to recover her energy after she incapacitated one of the Boss’ men. Apparently, she had been picked up by Iago, Big Boss Capo’s lead slave handler, having completely misinterpreted the Boss’ needs and wants for “his girls.” Jack killed and began eating the wounded man as the [[:Vault Boy]] arrived. After a comedy of errors in which Napolean was disarmed, Jack was purchased, the Savant ate curry, Iago was frightened, clothes were found (and discarded, much to everyone’s discomfort), and Big Boss Capo declared quite strongly that he is “not a faygala” (Jack is also not a faygala), the team got down to brass tacks. The Boss wanted the team to secure a water source held by raiders to the southwest; he had offered the raiders a good deal, and they had offered him his emissary back, minus his hands and his life. So with that, they met up with their guide, [[:John Adams]], and set out into the wastes, soothed by the dulcet sounds of Ron Perlman’s voiceover (it wasn’t Ron Perlman).

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