Tag: Caesar's Legions


  • Alba Longa

    A series of villages on low hills near the former site of Des Plaines, Illinois. Although the area narrowly avoided the destruction experienced by nearby [[O'Hare International Airport]], postwar radiation levels led it to be abandoned until the present …

  • mechachariots

    Roman-style chariots with the horse replaced by a two-wheeled [[ethanol]]-powered engine and fuel tank. Recognizable by the scent of extraordinarily bad moonshine, the gleam of the shiny, chromed carapace, and the distinctive tracks left on the ground. …

  • ethanol

    The primary fuel source of the Caesar's Legion [[mechachariots]], as well as a number of other postwar machines in the Chicago area. Also goes well mixed with [[Nuka Cola]] , though the low-quality stuff will leave you blind.